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Rogers Admin Consultancy

Founder and CEO, Mynesha J. Rogers, created the Rogers Admin Consultancy after a 17-year career as an administrative professional working in Fortune 500 companies in New York City.  While being trained by its culture of professionalism and excellence, Ms. Rogers realized that this same culture is not seen often in the administrative offices of some churches.  In addition, Ms. Rogers has 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and has noticed that many solo-entrepreneurs are in need of administrative support in order to free themselves up to operate in their creative fields of interest.  After leaving her corporate career, Ms. Rogers is now sharing her years of administrative experience to serve the church and solo-entrepreneurs through this administrative consultancy.

We are an agency whose mission is to encourage the body of Christ to raise the standard in how they operate administratively.  Too often the focus is mainly on the activity in the sanctuary and in the community, while forsaking the realization that effective church administration is also a key component of maintaining a healing environment in our ministries.  As for the solo-entrepreneur, there is no one who is master of all, so we extend our services to help you run your business efficiently.

It is our objective to offer services that will help the church and solo-entrepreneurs to grow and be successful in their business affairs, all to the glory of God!