Leadership for Ministry Excellence


SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

7:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM


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As you seek God for strategy on how to reengage in ministry, now is the time to invest in your personal and professional development and that of your leadership team. Whether virtually or in-person, you want to do leadership God's way. While navigating this time of uncertainty come learn

the C.E.O. Method of leadership!   


You or the leaders of your ministry are lack-luster or unproductive.

When you are operating in your gifts, you like what you do, and will always be energetic and productive.  Are you operating in your gifts?

You are experiencing a high rate of congregant turnover.

Skillset may get you into a leadership role, but it is your character that will make you successful and impactful.

You received complaints about the attitudes of your church office staff.

When you get the revelation that you're working for God and not human beings, your attitude changes.  Administration is ministry too!

In your leadership role do you feel misunderstood often.

There's communication, and there's effective communication which makes the difference in being received in a positive light and prevents confusion.

You are feeling worn down from dealing with every aspect of your ministry.

When your leaders are empowered to produce you can delegate and trust them to carry out their assignments.

You are having difficulty identifying committed leaders for your ministry.

In order to select the right leadership team it is key for senior leaders to know the gifts of their members, then make appointments to the right assignments.

A few departments or ministries within your church are stagnant.

Come learn the importance of periodic evaluations of ministry.  It's how you continue to grow, be innovative and stay relevant.

These are just a few of the topics included in this workshop and if can relate, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!



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Leading God's Way

Characteristics of a Leader

Effective Communication


Operating in Your Lane

These three components of leadership found in scripture make for a strong foundation as a leader.  This is why it's important to make sure God the CEO of your ministry.

About the Facilitator

Mynesha J. Rogers is an ordained minister and entrepreneur.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management and will obtain a Master of Divinity Degree in May 2021.  In addition to her education, Rev. Rogers has approximately 20 years of leadership and administrative experience.  She has held various leadership positions within her church from section leader in the choir, to supervising chair in the woman's ministry, chair of training committee for the steward and trustee boards, to now serving on the ministerial staff, just to name a few.

Within her 17+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Rev. Rogers has been successful in her role as office manager, which consisted of hiring and training temporary staff members.  In addition, she was the go-to-person for supervisors and executive directors who sought her for sound advice on managing subordinates.

The education attained and years of experience, coupled with her passion to empower others make Rev. Rogers well able to teach on the subject of leadership.


Here's what others had to say about this leadership workshop.

Laura Vailes

Deaconess in Training

Olivette Cumberbatch


Rev. Mynesha Rogers, thank you for spare-heading the leadership workshop at my church, Christian Light Missionary Baptist Church.  I have strengthened my ability to  serve more effectively as a servant leader within my church.  Your training has given me growth, faith, and desire to stay planted in the word of God.

Bishop Isaac R. Melton II

Elder Crystal K. Melton

Pastor and Elect Lady

The entire Christian Light Missionary Baptist Church would like to thank Rev. Mynesha J Rogers for facilitating our leadership workshop “Equipping Kingdom Leaders”. It was powerful, anointed and informative.

We are the better.

I had the privilege of attending a leadership workshop at my church, Valley Stream Presbyterian Church, taught by Rev. Mynesha Rogers and it was a very interactive workshop that encouraged attendees. She effectively highlighted pertinent information to be an effective leader.  I left saying to myself, yes I can be a leader, so accept the assignment!